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  • G.M.Sons a one of the printing shop

    G.M.Sons a one of the printing shop started in 1983 basically for Ceramic/Glass Transfer. .


G.M.Sons Print's open Stock and Control Services are backed by Local distribution network, specialized design and technical teams, and, above all, the Company's total commitment to producing the highest quality decorative ceramic, textile decals in the world.


In 1999 a new set-up for Textile Printing was established to cater the demands of specialized prints by woven and specially knitwear exporters. It is a compact set-up producing on high sophisticated state-of-art equipment . Now we have started producing Auto Decal for motor Car/Motor Cycle and other metal related products in the world's largest manufacturer of Pakistan control and open stock decals and has its Factory in S.I.T.E.Area Karachi.