• Ceramic

    In the Ceramic Process the design is printed onto Coated Paper. The resulting print is then treated as a water slide transfer and applied by hand to the ware. The process is significantly slower and is a more labour intensive method, but the positioning of the decoration and the print area. We prints for all type of Ceramic Table Wear, Tiles Panel , Sanitory Wear, Gold Transfer, Glass Transfer, Gold Transfer For Glass Decoration, Onglaze Transfer etc.

    Our open stock Patterns are available in a range of motifs sizes to enable most table and giftware items to be attractively decorated with the minimum of effort. With a little extra time and imagination, however, it is possible to achieve a more individual look.

    By experimenting a more personalized range of ware can be created, which can give a competitive advantage in the market place.

    G.M.Sons Print's open Stock and Control Services are backed by Local distribution network, specialized design and technical teams, and, above all, the Company's total commitment to producing the highest quality decorative ceramic decals in the world.

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