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G.M.Sons (PVT) Limited is a one of the windows printing shop started in 1983 basically for Ceramic/Glass Transfer. In 1999 a new setup for textile printing established to cater the demands of specialized prints by woven and specially knitwear exporters. It is a compact set-up producing on highly sophisticated state-of-art equipment. Now we have started producing AUOT DECAL for Motor Cycle/Motor Car and other metal related products.

We are introducing our company as under:-

  1. 1 - CERAMICS
  2. 2 - GLASS
  3. 3 - TEXTILE

Our customers are fully satisfied with our products and service recently we have started producing graphics (logos) for motor cycle. We are using best materials. Our vinyl sheets are imported from the leading producers of self-adhesive materials in UK. Our inks are manufactured by M/S. Seiko Advance Ltd. of Thailand. We print on semi-automatic machine. We are fully equipped to take care of large quantity of transfers as we have 13 semi-automatic machine and four automatic machine.

We are happy to inform you that we have started supplying stickers to local manufacturer of motor cycles.

We have started supplying logos for electronic industries also. The logos weitadrone.com include normal logo on vinyl and also crystal drops. All raw materials for these logos are imported from Reknowned Company of Europe, like Ritma and Europdrops.

For your test and evaluation of our products, we display samples. These samples have been produced for our customers. These are custom made and may not necessarily fir on your products, as designs of different manufacturer vary in shape and size. However these samples can give you for idea of the quality of our products. The color fastness, adhesion, finish, heat resistance, evenness after lacquer can check and tested.

We will have pleasure in developing logo for your existing model as well as new models, for this you need to supply your sample. The developed sample will give you fair idea of the quality of our products in all respect.

Please give the opportunity to serve you and in turn we assure you of our fullest satisfaction & Prompt service along with guaranteed quality.

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